The Press club


During De Persclub/The Press club (4/2/2018), I was interviewed with pleasure by scientific journalist Senne Starckx to present our SCK•CEN space, Antarctic and cancer research.

De Persclub is a Kempens live current affairs program discussed by 7 top journalists (Chantal De Meutter (HLN), Jef van Baelen (Knack), Vanessa Vanhove (Radio2), Senne Starckx (EOS), Guy Tegenbos (De Standaard), Pascal Paepen (Thomas More) & Patrick Van Gompel (VTM-Nieuws)) and their guests.

Other people interviewed that day:

– Hanna Mariën, president of the Belgian bobsleigh/skeleton federation, former silver medal at Peking Olympic games in 4x100m run and 6th place in Bobsleigh at Sotchi Olympic games in 2014. Belgium qualified 2 teams (of 2 women) for the bobsleigh discipline and 1 female for skeleton (ranked 14th at Olympics 2018).

– The mayors of the 4 biggest towns in the Kempen (Mol, Geel, Turnhout, Herentals) to discuss the recent town test based on 20 criteria and where Herentals scored best, before Mol, Geel and Turnhout.


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