Post-Antarctica press meeting

Press conference post-Antarctica with 7 journalists.

Thanks to the following journalists to promote scientific research to the general public through the various media channels (written, radio and television):

– Lucie Dendooven (RTBF TV)
– Dominique Delhale (RTBF radio et Vivacité)
– Marie-Agnes Cantinaux (Journal des Enfants)
– Fanny Bouvry (Le Vif)
– Eveline Roels (Libelle)
– Laurent Zanella (Journal du Médecin)
– Marie-Laure Mathot (L’Avenir)

Thank you also to Loïc Villers, chef étoilé of “Le Monde est Petit” for the wonderful lunch and to Maud Vanderthommen and Cathy Schoels for the perfect organization.


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